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What do you make of it?Dec 18

Opening the Queensland border in time for the last week of NSW school holidays may be too late for some Gold Coast businesses, the region tourism body says. From July 10, the state reopens to all but those who have been in Victoria for 14 days before entering. Even though the timing takes in school holidays, many businesses may have to wait until September to cash in, says Destination Gold Coast chief executive Annaliese Battista.

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Canada Goose Outlet Jun 15, 2020 08:32 AM IST Unilever to invest 1 billion euros in climate change fund over 10 years Unilever, the Anglo Dutch consumer products company whose brands include Dove soap and Knorr soup, said it was responding to the “scale and urgency” of the climate change crisis.Jun 11, 2020 03:10 PM IST Unilever to place headquarter in UK, ending Anglo Dutch structure The group behind household names like Dove and Ben Jerry’s ice cream stressed that its presence in both countries would remain unchanged.Jun 03, 2020 12:59 PM IST The risks for FMCG stocks from the government’s push to buy swadeshi The government’s wants consumers to buy more locally made products. How it determines what’s local will determine the risk for FMCG stocks.Apr 23, 2020 03:45 PM IST HUL falls 3% as parent Unilever withdraws guidance amid COVID 19 outbreak Shares of Hindustan Unilever fell nearly 3 percent in an otherwise strong market on April 23, after the parent Unilever Plc withdrew its full year forecast on Thursday, saying the hit from lockdowns in China and India.Jan 31, 2020 10:49 AM IST Unilever puts global tea business under review, including Lipton and PG Tips Unilever said the review was triggered by the sales slowdown of traditional black tea in developed markets as consumers shift towards herbal tea.Jan 29, 2020 08:45 PM IST Investors find some Unilever foods hard to swallow The CEO’s definition of “purpose” is not focused on growth, although he says brands that “communicate a strong environmental or social purpose” also expand faster than the rest.Dec 18, 2019 05:40 PM IST Unilever sales outlook cut It’s a surprise. What do you make of it?Dec 18, 2019 09:14 AM IST HUL and Unilever should put margins on a diet to revive sales growth Corporate Corridor HUL’s margins have risen by 8 percentage points in three years, after Unilever set a global operating margin target of 20percentNov 22, 2019 07:56 AM IST Unilever, Henkel and buyout funds eye bids for Coty’s $7 billion beauty brands: Sources Coty, which has a market value of $9 billion and is majority owned by German conglomerate JAB Holdings, is expected to kick off an auction process in December to find a new owner for a portfolio of professional hair and nail care brands, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity.Oct 17, 2019 01:16 PM IST Unilever misses estimates as sales slow in China and India Emerging markets, which account for 60% of Unilever’s business, have been a key area of focus for Chief Executive Alan Jope since he took the reins in January.Mar 15, 2019 06:23 PM IST All you need to know about Nitin Paranjpe, the newly crowned COO of Unilever From 2008 to 2013, Paranjpe was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at HUL, before he became president of Unilever’s foods and refreshments divisionFeb 20, 2019 05:50 PM IST Unilever expects HUL to grow much faster, chip in with at least 15% of group topline Unilever owns over 67 percent in HUL which had reported sales of Rs 34,619 crore in FY18, while the parent, present in over 190 countries, had an annual turnover of 53.7 billion euros in 2017.Dec 20, 2018 05:47 PM IST Opinion What India’s pharma CEOs can learn from GSK’s Emma Walmsley Emma Walmsley has taken bold and sensible steps, reshaping GSK to face up to a changed business environment.Dec 03, 2018 05:47 PM IST Quick take Horlicks isn’t a sweet deal but HUL has muscle power to boost nutrition biz Unilever’s interest in Horlicks is to grow its foods business that currently generates more than Rs 10,000 crore worth of revenues.Nov 29, 2018 03:26 PM IST Unilever boss Paul Polman steps down after HQ move fiasco The Anglo Dutch group, maker of iconic brands like Marmite and Dove soap, will be headed from January by Alan Jope, the current chief of its huge beauty and personal care department.Nov 29, 2018 09:35 AM IST Opinion Why Horlicks is unlikely to boost Unilever Horlicks controls around a half of India’s health food drink market and the Indian mother still swears by the brand’s legacy Canada Goose Outlet.

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