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(Two years later, Clay defeated Moore in a fourth

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wholesale jerseys from china And recognise that each mistake can be an opportunity to build mental muscle and become better.Following last week press conference called by South African football strongman Irvin Iron Duke Khoza, where he came out with guns blazing and surrounded by his lieutenants, one would have thought that the league would have learnt some lessons from the reaction that followed.If most of the reaction is anything to go by, this gathering was a shabby and failed attempt at PR.It pointed to a number of shortcomings of the league that prides itself on being best in Africa and of the best https://www.chinajerseysusa.com in the world are a number of fundamental things that are wrong, which the PSL should have realised and corrected by now.It has long been pointed out that this thing of having a club chairman serve the league in the same capacity is not kosher and does not work.It lends itself to serious conflict of interest and flies right in the face of proper corporate governance.Also, the appointment of a club owner as acting chief executive officer (CEO) in October 2015 to date, rubbed more salt into a festering wound of conflict of interest and total disregard for corporate governance.If, as the PSL would like us to believe, it was one of the best run in the world, the job of spin doctoring and making the organisation smell like roses would be left to its marketing department.The chairman would only concentrate on policy matters while the CEO saw to the day to day running of the structure.Now a picture of the PSL vs Mamelodi Sundowns and their coach, Pitso Mosimane, has been created and the league is doing very little to dispel this notion except some empty utterances.Instead of making things better, this week, after a peeved and obviously frustrated Mosimane vented: don know how many points you have in the bag; this thing takes too long. You can fight when you don know how much ammunition you have.I not inspired by the league this year. Win or lose, it complicated; last year I thought we were still going through teething problems when you didn know how many points you needed to win the league.you win the trophy and you walk around with it, you earned wholesale nfl jerseys from china it, but I don know what going to happen this year; it turning into something else.are rules but deal with this thing as quickly as possible, man, there are a lot of mixed feelings wholesale jerseys from china.

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