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She described an average day for children housed in

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wholesale nfl jerseys Children apprehended illegally entering the country must remain under the government’s care in shelters until they are reunited with their parents or a sponsor while awaiting immigration court hearings.Rochelle Garza, a staff attorney with the ACLU of Texas, told NPR all of the facilities that house unaccompanied minors are required to comply with federal law to obtain federal contracts. “But they also have to comply with state law because all these facilities need to be licensed within the state in which they’re located.” And among those requirements are educational and recreational provisions.Garza works in Brownsville, Texas, near Casa Padre, the former Walmart that has been converted into a shelter for approximately 1,500 boys ages 10 to 17. She described an average day for children housed in a regular security shelter as comparable to a full day of school that includes English, math, science and reading classes. wholesale nfl jerseys

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