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Il a productif Clemson contre de solides bloqueurs

You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingSee ourprivacy noticeHaving seen the club grow immeasurably since he first joined as a teenage back rower three decades ago, JJ Jeffrey is determined to help Cambridge RUFC’s growth continue as club president.The 50 year old IT consultant from Ely, who has also served the club as chairman and treasurer since his playing days came to an end, was last week announced as Steve Bowller’s replacement.Born in Burton upon Trent, Jeffrey started out playing for his local side in the Staffordshire town before his job as an army aircraft technician saw him posted to Oakington with the 657 Squadron as a 19 year old.After his posting finished two years later, Jeffrey moved on and played rugby for the army and various local sides, and when posted in Hong Kong, even played in an U24s international for the then British colony.But once he moved back to Cambridgeshire with his then girlfriend and now wife, there was only one club he was going to, and he returned to Cambridge as an experienced prop.Read MoreReturning scrum half will be Cambridge RUFC first summer signing”I went straight back to the club as soon as I was back in the area,” said Jeffrey. “It was quite nice because some of the lads I had played with in my first spell were still there.”I spent a few seasons as a bit part player for the first team, but mainly for the second team, who were known as the Vanguards, before retiring in 2006.”I was still commuting to https://www.nflshop365.com work at that time, but I left the army in 2009 and started on the committee at Cambridge the following year. We were by then well on the journey to being a more semi professional club.”The stand and the upstairs to the clubhouse were built, the crowds started increasing and we rose up the divisions.

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