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For most members of the team

Clinging onto Dutch heritage, I was decked out in a retro orange top reminiscent of a Netherlands jerseys of yesteryear, along with the Socceroos’ beanie. I’d earlier watched from home as the Oranje stunned defending champion Spain 5 1 in the 5am match, one of the best of the the tournament so far. Every goal sparked muted celebrations in the lounge room.

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Polis memurunun cenaze töreninde duygulandıran feryat: Baba bizi bırakma

Geçirdiği kalp krizi sonucu hayatını kaybeden polis memuru için emniyette tören düzenlendi. Törende merhum polisin üçüz çocuklarının "Baba bizi bırakma" feryadı ise duygusal anlar yaşattı.

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