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But Winston and Mariota are both playing on that

Planar SA2311W While the Viewsonic above is a solid monitor, this model from Planar offers more impressive tech specs for about $300. This 23″ widescreen display has a 2ms response time combined with a 120 Hz frame rate, so it about as fast as a display gets. It also 3D ready, should you choose to jump in on that type of gaming in the future..

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Cheap Jerseys from china ET. ET. ET.. But Winston and Mariota are both playing on that option this year. The Mike McCarthy era had probably run its course after 13 seasons, so there’s no criticism in the decision to move on. But did Murphy hire the right guy in Matt LaFleur? The 39 year old first time head coach runs an offensive system that appears to conflict with Aaron Rodgers’s playing style, and already we’ve seen a few warning signs that Rodgers isn’t thrilled with his lack of ability to improvise at the line of scrimmage Cheap Jerseys from china.

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