Kayseri Haber / Kayseri / 6 million, Friday’s second and third rounds 8

6 million, Friday’s second and third rounds 8

Make sure you allow enough time for any necessary security checks which may include random searches. Bringing bags to the stadium is actively discouraged. Handbag/medical bag) should expect this to be searched and tagged before entry. Each day attracted record audiences. Thursday’s first round averaged 15.6 million, Friday’s second and third rounds 8.2 million and Saturday’s final four rounds 4.2 million. ESPN and NFL Network had a combined production all three days while ABC had separate telecasts Thursday and Friday before simulcasting the ESPN/NFL Network feed Saturday.

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Polis memurunun cenaze töreninde duygulandıran feryat: Baba bizi bırakma

Geçirdiği kalp krizi sonucu hayatını kaybeden polis memuru için emniyette tören düzenlendi. Törende merhum polisin üçüz çocuklarının "Baba bizi bırakma" feryadı ise duygusal anlar yaşattı.

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